The Paper Birds Theater Company
The Paper Birds Theatre Company

About The Filmmakers

Naomi Waring

I’m a storyteller interested in exploring and working with the working classes and their creative expressions not as a form of entertainment but as a visceral need for self-expression. I want to celebrate people who are unafraid to walk their own path no matter what the consequences, without losing touch of their roots and where they came from.
I’m passionate about using film and the arts to support systemic change as well as inspire future generations of filmmakers that come from a diverse and culturally rich background. My Films have screened at BBC iPlayer, Dublin Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival, Galway FilmFestival, Belfast Film Festival, Manchester International Film Festival, Underwire, Aesthetica, Locarno Film Festival, Kerry International Film Festival, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Shiny winner, Off Line Best International Short, Finalist European Cinematography Awards.

Empathy is being able to feel with the heart of another.

Kee Lewis

I established Keenote Productions in 2000 as an umbrella for my music and video production work. While music has taken a back seat in recent years, video projects have expanded beyond my starting point of documentary to include promotional videos, showreel material and special event coverage.
Currently I film content for a variety of clients including schools, engineering firms, local government, comedians, artists and charities; just about anyone who wishes to tell a story to a wider audience.
Recently I have been continuing a personal documentary series on mixed race people living in Britain, entitled ‘Mixed Race Portraits’. Being mixed race I have always been fascinated by anyone who has a story to tell about identity and nationality, which is almost everyone.
The inspiration for my productions is in reflecting the here and now in a way that will be absorbing in the future. My work with The Paper Birds is therefore entwined with that common goal in mind; to listen, learn and reflect the stories of ordinary people for today and beyond.

For me, empathy is learning about oneself through the stories of others. We may think we have all the answers about who we are, but sometimes it is our response to someone else’s story which makes us change our own.